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General Inquiries:

Detroit SOUP is a program of Build Institute. Our offices are located 1620 Michigan Ave, Unit 120 Detroit, MI 48216



Onni Stone
Detroit SOUP Admin & Capital Access Manager – Build Institute

Onni Stone is passionate about empowering marginalized people, specifically economically and through financial literacy. She is a lifelong Michigan native, now resident of Detroit. She has worked for and started a number of small businesses over the years and understands the micro and macro impact of providing resources for entrepreneurs. She works for the Build Institute in the capacity of Kiva capital access manager. In her free time, she is a reader, learner, woodworker, and explorer.


Dr. Chanel Beebe
Detroit SOUP Art Chair

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Chanel Beebe is a creative writer, artist, and educator who designs, implements, and conducts research on S.T.E.A.M. programming. Chanel has a passion for nourishing the critical and social consciousness of youth and is the founder and C.E.O. of a research and design firm focused on social and educational equity (Beebe Arts LLC.)

In June of 2020, Chanel launched Bitten Magazine ™ a quarterly print and online magazine that seeks to share important perspectives in a beautiful and eye-catching way. Bitten Magazine is published with the goal of affecting positive sustainable change in the lives of vulnerable populations.

In 2022, Chanel graduated with both a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering Education and plans to continue to study socially situated design and learning experiences. As a growing “socio-technical activist,” Chanel seeks to blend her values of creativity, equity, health, and sustainability with her formal training as an Industrial Engineer. Recently, Chanel has taken a role at D-Ford (the Research and Design arm at Ford Motor Company) where she is researching the future of work and solutions to the next generation of transportation issues.

Before D-Ford, Chanel worked as a Design Researcher for a social design firm based out of Chicago called Greater Good Studio where she led a Human-Centered Design research effort to address barriers to homeownership for marginalized populations. Ultimately, Chanel hopes her contributions will transform the experience of social reform and well-being for historically disenfranchised people. More of Chanel’s work and progress can be found at



Daniel Stone
Detroit SOUP Proposal Chair

Daniel Stone works in the corporate world in technology and innovation. He runs a Shark Tank type event for his company and then manages the process of commercializing those products. He brings that experience with products and business pitches to participants of Detroit SOUP. He wants to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and make Detroit even better.

Rashelle Paggeot
Detroit SOUP Food Chair

Rashelle Paggeot works in Marketing and Communications at Michigan Women Forward. Her history in starting and growing her own businesses inspired her to help other entrepreneurs. She was born in Michigan and moved near Detroit in 2021. After attending a Soup event in early 2022, she knew she had to get involved and was excited to accept a position on the board as Food Chair. Her love of helping empower entrepreneurs and connecting over food makes her extremely passionate about helping Detroit Soup.





Brightmoor SOUP

Central Communities SOUP

Downtown SOUP

Grandmont-Rosedale SOUP
Kathy Garrett

Kathy has lived in Grandmont Rosedale since 1993, and has been involved in a number of community initiatives, events, and associations. Kathy’s background as a writer and her deep community knowledge make her position as the Fund Development and Communications Manager fitting. She is thrilled to work for GRDC, her community, and often brags about how she gets to walk to work.

Hamtramck SOUP

Livernois Corridor SOUP
Elizabeth Mays

Elizabeth Mays was born and raised in Detroit, and currently resides in the University District Community on the city’s Northwest side. Growing up, her mother (an educator) and father (an entrepreneur) taught Elizabeth and her siblings the importance of giving back to help empower people and communities. After graduating from Mumford High School, Elizabeth attended Western Michigan University (her father’s alma mater), where in 2011 she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications: Film, Video and Media Studies, studies in Engineering: Graphic & Printing Sciences. She immediately returned to Detroit and is now founder and CEO of MCS Multimedia, a vibrant company celebrating its 5-year anniversary (2016). Elizabeth has followed in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her grandfather and father, both of whom once owned and operated one of the city’s most storied printing companies. Now, as a third-generation entrepreneur, Elizabeth is intent on writing new chapters of entrepreneurship that will always include empowerment of her community. Elizabeth serves on several boards, inclusive of Livernois Corridor SOUP, which she has been a member for three years. In 2016, she was elevated to serve as its Board Leader. Always motivated and looking for opportunities to serve the community, Elizabeth remains committed to helping make a difference.

North End SOUP

SOUP at Spaulding Court
Mike Dakoske

Southwest SOUP