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I want to bring a large group of high school students, do I need to bring food? 2017-06-14T14:05:00-04:00

Yes. Please. Anytime you come with a large group we hope that you can help with easing the burden. We do our best to feed the group as a whole but it is so much easier when we work together in bringing food. A little goes a long way.

What is the proposal like? 2017-01-31T12:23:36-05:00

There are 4 questions
1. Project Summary
2. Why does this project matter to the Detroit community?
3. How will you use SOUP grant funding towards the realization of your project?
4. What is the time frame for your project, and how could you share about its progress/completion at an upcoming SOUP?

Should I save my work? 2017-01-31T12:23:36-05:00

Yes please. We don’t have a resubmit button and we don’t know if you are interested in resubmitting your work in the future. If you save your answers it’s easy to submit again.

Should the answers be long or short? 2015-10-14T20:01:56-04:00

The proposal is a reflection of your ideas. All that you share is printed and handed out to others. Make it short, sweet, and to the point! Anything you submit will be used to print at the dinners. Make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc. We print what you submit (except for your phone number)!

A lot of grants need you to get a legal status or have a business plan to apply, does SOUP need you to have anything like that? 2021-12-08T14:06:54-05:00

No! You don’t have to be an LLC or 501(c)3. Just be you at any stage of the idea!

My idea is about Pontiac or Roseville or Ann Arbor can I submit to SOUP? 2015-10-14T20:00:49-04:00

No. Your ideas must be about the 138 square miles of Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck.

Do I need to be a resident of Detroit to share my idea about Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck? 2015-10-14T20:00:22-04:00

You do not have to be a resident to submit an idea. and age is just a number so please don’t limit yourself or a child! We want to hear from all!

I didn’t receive a notification of receipt of application, did you get it? 2015-10-14T19:59:23-04:00

We DO NOT email you to say that we received your application. When you hit the word “submit” a screen will prompt you that we received it.

The SOUP happened and my idea didn’t get chosen. Can I submit again? 2015-10-14T19:58:45-04:00

You can submit your idea more than once! If you idea doesn’t get selected for this months soup SUBMIT AGAIN! There are often up to 20 ideas submitted a month and only 4 submissions are chosen to share at the SOUP.

My idea works really well on PowerPoint, do you have the capabilities to be able to use this presentation device? 2015-10-14T19:54:24-04:00

While technology is helpful in many of our daily lives those involved in SOUP believe you can share your proposal without it. We do make exceptions every once in a while (like showing a movie trailer) but we highly encourage you to leave the laptop at home. You are more than welcome to bring in visuals to enhance your idea.

My idea is a work in progress, should I submit? 2017-01-31T12:23:36-05:00

Think through what kind of project you are submitting. About 200 people show up each month to share ideas and resources with one another. The last few months we have had about 10-20 proposals from the community. If you don’t think you can pull together the idea, be able to implement this with the community, or be able to share (whether it succeeds or not) how the progress of the idea is coming along, than please wait a few months. We don’t like telling some groups yes and then having them drop out at the last minute. It’s a fairness thing. The idea doesn’t need to be super polished ether. The money is enough to see if your idea works. We just want to make sure that you are available to present after submitting.

How many proposals do you accept for the dinner each month? 2015-10-14T19:53:13-04:00

We only have time for four proposals per dinner. Much more than that it is hard to have a constructive dialogue about each proposal as we are eating, as well as having short attention spans!

Where do I send my proposal? 2015-10-14T19:52:45-04:00

You can fill out the submission form here, on our Submit page.

When are the proposals due? 2021-12-08T14:10:44-05:00

A week before the date of SOUP.

What date is Detroit SOUP? 2017-03-14T18:17:06-04:00

See our calendar for upcoming SOUP dates!

What is Detroit SOUP? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

Detroit SOUP is a microgranting dinner celebrating creative projects in Detroit. For $5 you receive soup, salad, bread, and a vote. You will hear from four presentations ranging from art, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology, etc., who have four minutes to share their idea and then field four questions from the diners. We eat, connect, share resources, and vote on what project you think should win the money gathered from the night. When the night nears to a close we count the ballots and whoever has the most votes takes home the money from the door.

Where is the Citywide Detroit SOUP located? 2021-12-08T14:15:34-05:00

Generally at the Jam Handy

2900 E. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202
There is street parking on E. Grand Blvd or on Horton Street, behind the Jam Handy.

We will host at other locations from time to time. Check Build Institute’s event calendar to confirm time and location: https://www.buildinstitute.org/events/

How much does the dinner cost? 2019-01-30T14:32:56-05:00

To sustain our dinners, we are asking for $10 donations at Citywide dinners, $5 of which will go to the winner and $5 will go to support SOUP. The suggested donation at Neighborhood SOUPs is $5. Please note that SOUP is a potluck-style dinner, so please bring a dish to share!

Potluck, huh? What does that really mean? 2021-12-08T14:19:15-05:00

Bringing food puts you as a diner in a position to listen and receive as you prepared something to give. There are normally around 85 people who attend the dinner. Make something that could feed at least 25-40 people. Double the batch, get a catering pan. Usually the food doesn’t have to cost much but it is amazing to share with others something that you enjoy.

If I bring food do I still need to pay at the door? 2021-12-08T14:20:13-05:00

We hope that you feel like the food is a gesture towards the experience. All money raised at the door goes to the winner of your vote! The more they receive the more they can do! In exchange for the both the food and the door money we allow you to share up to 60 seconds about something you are working on and want to share with the fellow diners. (This could be an event, a communal question like I am looking to move into ____ community anyone else live there and what is your experience like?, etc.)

Do I need to RSVP for the event? 2021-12-08T14:26:26-05:00

Yes, due to covid we are requiring tickets be bought ahead. We need to limit the guest count for the safety of all and get covid screening out of the way before we join together to attend SOUP.

Buy your ticket on eventbrite.com

Search for SOUP in the search bar and the upcoming event will show up.

Do I need to buy a ticket? 2021-12-08T14:25:50-05:00

Yes, buy your ticket on eventbrite.com

Search for SOUP in the search bar and the upcoming event will show up.

For everyone’s safety we are taking covid precautions, limiting the guest count, and requiring covid safety compliance.

What is the dinner seating arrangement like? 2021-12-08T14:28:07-05:00

Due to covid seating will be spaced out as per CDC guidelines. Generally our dinners happen around boards converted into tables that sit low on the ground. We also have some tables with chairs, but they are limited. Feel free to bring a pillow to sit on or something more comfortable for your booty, most likely you will be on the floor. We like the communal casual feel.

Are children allowed at SOUP? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

Of course! We hope that we have created a safe environment that children feel like they can listen and participate. You don’t have to be 18 to vote in our voting booth! We hope that children who are in attendance feel like they can voice their opinion in the voting booth. We ask that as long as they can make a decision for themselves than they are more than welcome to cast their ballot.

What is the schedule for the evening? 2021-12-08T14:34:54-05:00

We open the doors about 6:00 and start hearing proposals at around 7:00. The proposals last anywhere between 25-40 minutes. We eat when the proposals are finished and the diners are able to vote on what project would best benefit from the collected money. Around 9:00 voting closes, ballots are counted, we hear from a past project winner’s update and the winner is announced. We finish by 9:30pm.

What rules do you have for SOUP? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

There are only two and they go for the presenters. The first is you can not use technology to present and the second is that the idea presented must benefit the 138 square miles of Detroit, Highland Park and/or Hamtramck. The rest of the dinner is completely public. Anything can happen!

What will I expect to hear from the proposers/grant seekers? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

You will hear a presentation no longer than 4 minutes from each grantee. The floor is then opened up to 4 questions from diners.

I have an amazing idea that I think could really benefit from the Detroit community, how can I submit my idea? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

Click here to go to our Submit page and fill out fill out the submission form.

I want to take photos, video, etc, can I? 2017-01-31T12:23:36-05:00

Of course! The dinner is public and so you are more than welcome to take photos, write about it for your local paper, video the dinner and put it online, vine, instagram, friendster, myspace, youtube, blog, vimeo, facebook, tweet, tap dance, party page it, talk about it on an AOL chat room, etc. I think you get it! If you are looking to participate be our guest!

What if there are more than four proposals submitted for the dinner? 2021-12-08T14:37:44-05:00

We have the deadline a week before the dinner to ensure that the executive SOUP committee votes on the project. This is a small group of active participants who help put on the dinner. Whatever proposals have the most votes get the stage to share at the SOUP dinner. If you don’t make it the first time we ask that you submit again, usually every idea gets a chance eventually!

I want to make a soup or a salad, what do I need to do? 2021-12-08T15:51:45-05:00

Awesome! Thank you so much for thinking about this. Please email soup@buildinstitute.org and let us know what you want to do. We ask that the soup be vegan or vegetarian so that all can enjoy. Each soup/salad needs to serve about 75 people and so we ask for four volunteers each month. Individuals, restaurants or businesses are welcome to share.

I am a local artist and I would love to share my work, can I? 2021-12-08T14:39:27-05:00

Please inform soup@buildinstitute.org that you are interested in sharing. We are often looking for local artisans to share their work. Painters, sculptors, designers (interior and graphic), writers, poets, etc. are encouraged to share. We do not have a budget at this time for materials but we could talk about what that means after inquiry.

I want to volunteer with setting up before the dinner, can I? 2021-12-08T14:41:27-05:00

Booyah! Awesome! YES YES YES!!! Please apply to be a volunteer on our website under the Support tab! You will have a blast getting the behind the scenes view of Detroit SOUP.

Can I donate money to Detroit SOUP? 2017-01-31T12:23:36-05:00

Yes please! We are always accepting donations to help Detroit SOUP run it’s dinner and get more money into the hands of local projects. All money raised through paypal goes to help pay for the cost of putting on the dinner, paying local artists to share or perform at soup, pay overhead costs, etc.

Can I book the Jam Handy through Detroit SOUP? 2015-10-14T19:28:48-04:00

No, while Detroit SOUP takes place in the Jam Handy, we do not handle their booking. For booking information please email info@thejamhandy.com. Thanks!