North End 2022-06-09T14:58:58-04:00

Join us in North End for a potluck dinner where neighbors help fund neighborhood projects! Learn about creative projects happening in North End and vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the dinner. Anyone is welcome to attend the dinner, but all project proposals must benefit North End residents.

How it works:
Attendees make a suggested donation of $5 and learn about four projects that benefit the North End community. Over a potluck-style dinner, attendees vote on which project they think benefits the community the most. The winner goes home with all of the money raised at the door to carry out their project. North End residents and supporters connect, share ideas, and community resources. Also, each dinner also features a local artist!

Working on a project that benefits the North End community?
Click here to submit your proposal to present at SOUP!


Not interested in submitting a proposal, but have a community project you want help with?
Sign up to bring food by emailing and you get 60 seconds to share with the audience. You can bring food “just because” as well!