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Food Field

CAMP Ponyride SOUP Winner – August 2012

Created in 2011, Food Field is an urban farm occupying four acres in the BostonEdison neighborhood of Detroit. Business partners Noah Link and […]

Princess Pamper Palace

Highland Park SOUP Winner – March 2013

Whether it’s an education in consulting and social work, teaching elementary school students, or in her current capacity as owner of the Princess […]

Rebel Nell

Citywide SOUP Winner – July 2013
Ponyride SOUP Winner – September 2013

Graffiti has become an iconic gem throughout the city for the past couple of years, bringing in artists from […]

D.A.N.C.E. Inc.

Brightmoor SOUP Winner – September 2013
Next Step SOUP Winner – May 2014

When Roslyn English isn’t handling cases for the Department of Human Services or coaching varsity cheerleading, you’ll probably […]

WNUC North End Radio

North End SOUP Winner – August 2014

Reverend Joan Ross has committed much of her life to giving the residents of the North End community a voice. She’s the director […]

The Empowerment Plan

Citywide SOUP Winner – November 2010

Climbing the stairs to the second floor of the Hernandez Bakery in Southwest Detroit, Veronika Scott had a nervous feeling. At the time, Scott […]

Bounce Back Detroit

Central Communities SOUP Winner – March 2014

Jeffery Jones is beaming at me. Positively beaming. It is rare that I see such a look of immediate and utter inclusion proffered […]

Shakespeare in Detroit

Citywide SOUP Winner – January 2014

Have you ever watched A Midsummer Night’s Dream while sitting in a lawn chair with the threat of a rainstorm looming overhead and classic […]

Sit On It Detroit

Citywide SOUP Winner – November 2013
Downtown SOUP Winner – November 2013

Waiting for the bus can be a drag, especially if they’re behind schedule, but what can be even more […]

Spaulding Court

Citywide SOUP Winner – November 2012

One great aspect about this city is the community engagement and the people that are involved with it on a daily basis. Day in […]

Detroit Food Academy

Citywide SOUP Winner – June 2012
Ponyride SOUP Winner – September 2013

The Detroit Food Academy (DFA) uses butternut squash and purple carrots to involve young people in weighty conversations […]

The Atonement Project

Ponyride SOUP Winner – September 2013

“Transformation is possible,” begins the website of author, activist, speaker, and mentor Shaka Senghor.  The Atonement Project was started as a means […]

Fresh Corner Café

Citywide SOUP winner – October 2010

Noam Kimmelman has learned a lot in the four years since he founded Fresh Corner Café, a mission-driven fresh food delivery and […]