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Our dinner is a public dinner which means you are more than welcome to come and participate with the dinner. Please be mindful of presenters, their stories, and that the intent of the dinner is to look at how individuals are looking to make Detroit better. Please pay the $5 entrance fee and participate in the process of the dinner!

  • You are welcome to film our dinner.
  • You are welcome to photograph the dinner.
  • You are welcome to interview presenters and dinner guests.

You may not:

  • Make people sign waivers to be a part of the dinner.
  • Disturb the presenters in any way while they present.
  • PLEASE be mindful of those who are at the dinner. They are there to participate, vote, and ask questions to the diners. Please do not stand in their way in order to get the best shot possible.

Please be aware of past stories and how they have portrayed Detroit SOUP. We are more than excited to have you but please think less about how the story started and more of why it continues into it’s fourth year. The organization has changed, grown, expanded and developed. It’s very different than our most wonderful beginnings. To know more about that story please read/watch the following:

If this sounds good to you please be in contact with Amy
( ). She will be happy to share further details and help answer any of your questions. We are happy for you to share our story but if you wish to do an interview with the folks from SOUP we will be happy to share our story after the dinner is over, not during (we like to experience the dinner) or before (setting up).